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Nutriance Mild Revitalising Shampoo
Nutriance Mild Revitalising Shampoo

Nutriance Mild Revitalising Shampoo

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Nutriance Mild Revitalising Shampoo

A gentle and moisturising formula enriched with Vitamin B3, Pro Vitamin B5 as well as Aloe Vera and Chamomile extract.

Hair and scalp need regular, gentle cleansing to remove dust, dandruff, perspiration, environmental pollutants, hairspray and other styling products that cause buildup. Hair looks and feels its best when it retains sufficient moisture; with too little moisture, hair becomes more difficult to manage. Many products on the market are only effective on limited types of hair; permed and colour- treated hair typically require especially gentle cleansing and can be difficult to manage. Some shampoos are hard to rinse out, leaving a soapy residue that can cause flakes, and others can upset the natural pH balance of hair and scalp. Certain botanicals can assist in the removal of build up and others can help maintain natural moisture balance. 

  • A gentle and moisturising formula enriched with pro- vitamin B5 (panthenol) and vitamin B3 (niacinamide) as well as soothing aloe vera and chamomile extract for fragile, sensitive, dry hair and scalp 
  • Free-rinsing formula leaves hair vibrant and easy to manage
  • Specifically suited for fragile, sensitive, dry hair and scalp.
  • Thoroughly cleanses without compromising the hair's moisture content due to a synergistic, extra mild multi-cleanser system.
  • Will pamper dry, fragile, sensitive or chemically treated hair.
  • Helps maintain hair’s natural protective lipid balance and gives hair added body and lustre with Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) and Pro-Vitamin B5 (Panthenol). 
  • Delivers soothing botanicals, including Aloe Vera Gel and Chamomile, that add to the refreshingly rich lather. 
  • Helps maintain a healthy hair and scalp pH with a water soluble formula.
  • Clinically tested in Europe’s most prestigious dermatological research facility. 


Usage: Apply a small amount and massage hair and scalp gently to a rich lather. Rinse well. For best results use together with Nutriance Enriching Conditioner.

Available: 250ml

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