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Daily Vitality Pack™
Daily Vitality Pack™
Daily Vitality Pack™
Daily Vitality Pack™

Daily Vitality Pack™

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Daily Vitality Pack™

Fill the nutritional gap produced by faulty eating habits and nutritionally inferior foods. If you're wondering what supplements to take and resent the inconvenience of it all this is the whole food supplement pack for you!

Daily Vitality Pack™ provides 30 conveniently packed sachets that are easy to take anywhere anytime. Each sachet provides you with:

  1. Formula IV™ x 2 tablets: A unique formulation containing a combination of vitamins, minerals and an exclusive blend of grain oil concentrates for cellular nutrition.
  2. Vitamin E 200 I.U.™  x 1 capsule: Delivering 200IU vitamin E in balanced ratios of the 8 primary tocopherols and tocotrienols.
  3. Vitamin B Co Sustained Release™ x 1 tablet: Contains all 8 essential B vitamins in a sustained release system ensuring a slow, monitored release of vitamin B into the system.
  4. Vitamin C Sustained Release™ x 1 tablet: Each tablet provides 500mg of vitamin C including all the elements nature provides in whole citrus, in a sustained release system.
  5. Multi-Mineral Plus Alfalfa™ x 1 tablet: The broad spectrum formulation contains macro-, micro- and trace minerals as well as other food factors such as Irish moss, parsley, kelp, chlorophyll and watercress.

Why NeoLife's Daily Vitality Pack™?

  • A balanced mix of essential vitamins and minerals
  • A complete combination of nutrients necessary to maintain optimal wellbeing
  • Convenient individual sachets for each day's supply of important essential nutrients. Easy to take anywhere, anytime.
  • Technologically advanced with special features including:
  • Formula IV with Tre-en-en Grain concentrates
  • Sustained Release controlled nutrient delivery for approximately 6 hours
  • Broad spectrum mineral supplementation
  • Antioxidant benefits of Vitamin C & Vitamin E

NeoLife only uses GMO free ingredients!

Usage: 1 sachet Daily

Available: 30 Sachet per pack

Daily Vitality ingredient label

*This unregistered medicine has not been evaluated by the SAHPRA for its quality, safety or intended use.