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Carpet Glo™
Carpet Glo™

Carpet Glo™

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Carpet Glo™

Carpets and furnishings say a lot about your house (a girl can dream!) Having them professionally cleaned can be expensive though. Carpet Glo gives all the excellent care needed to maximise carpet appearance and functional life - removes the dirt and enhances the carpet's colour.

  • Cleans carpets and upholstery
  • Repels dirt, is antistatic and quick drying
  • Highly concentrated, very exconomical
  • Voluminous foam makes for efficient dry method cleaning

Effective for hand cleaning of colour safe carpets & fabric as well as safe for use with carpet cleaning machines.  

You're going to also want to use Carpet Glo™ diluted 1:100 as an excellent window, mirror and chrome cleaner. So versatile! Wipe with a lint free cloth for a shiny, spotless & streak-free finish. If you see streaks it's only because you dilution is too strong - a little goes a very long way!


1:40 dilution for hand cleaning carpets, applying foam only. Very economical!

1:30 dilution for carpet shampoo machines (foam creating ones only)

1:100 for windows, mirrors and chrome

Available: 1L & 5L concentrate

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