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Care™ Disinfectant
Care™ Disinfectant
Care™ Disinfectant
Care™ Disinfectant
Care™ Disinfectant

Care™ Disinfectant

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Care™ is a highly concentrated, safe Type 1 (homogenous), economical and refreshingly fragrant disinfectant.   

Recommended use as hospital grade disinfectant 1:10.

Clean surfaces with Super 10 or LDC and spray Care™ to disinfect with a minimum contact time of 5 minutes.

  • Efficacy provenaccording to SABS 636
  • Comprehensively tested against a variety of microorganisms
  • Safe to use: contains no abrasive or hazardous ingredients

Highly recommend cleaning and disinfecting high traffic / touch areas such as counter tops, floors, walls, door handles, light switches etc.

Care™ is a regulated and registered disinfectant that complies with the requirements of SABS 636 and at the following dilutions kills 99,9% of the organisms indicated within a contact period of 5 minutes at pH of 7.0-7.5:

  • S. aureus 1:50
  • E. coli 1:50
  • P. aeruginosa 1:10

You can also use Care™ to:

  • Disinfect your animal boxes. Care™ does not mask the offensive odours with a strong perfume, but destroys the odour chemically at its source
  • Disinfect and help eliminate odours in your outside bin
  • Remove mildew (and keep it away with a 1:5 dilution) and odours in cupboards, refrigerators and showers

Usage: Mix according to recommended dilution 1:10 with a contact time for at least 5 minutes. Personal protective equipment is not necessary when handling diluted product. To maintain effectiveness, use diluted product within 90 days. 

Use our Handspray bottle (500ml) with the mixing ratios marked out for (1:3) and 1:10 - ideal for Care™

Available: 1L concentrate (makes 11L) and 5L concentrate (makes 55L)

Care product label