The NeoLife Difference

NeoLife Quality Difference

How do we create the finest, safest and most effective products in the world?

Here’s a start...

Created by Doctors and Scientists

The NeoLife Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) sits at the helm of NeoLife’s product strategy and development, ensuring each and every one of our leading-edge formulas are based in nature and backed by science, using only the finest and safest ingredients. The SAB is made up of world-class doctors, scientists and health experts who share our commitment to end the trend.

Whole-Food Based Cellular Nutrition

For over 60 years, generations of families around the world have counted on NeoLife to do what no other company can do: produce products that are based on the finest whole-food, human food chain ingredients and proven effective by millions of satisfied customers.

Since we are only as healthy as our cells, we use only the most bio-efficient forms of nutrients to maximise nutrient absorption, utilisation and benefit to the body.


NeoLife products use only GMO-free ingredients and are routinely tested for potential contaminants. NeoLife requires that suppliers and manufacturers guarantee that all raw materials are free from genetically modified DNA and genetically modified organisms. We then validate and closely monitor each and every ingredient in our laboratories and manufacturing facilities.

Full Traceability from Farm to table

Our state-of-the-art quality assurance program includes these 10 steps for full traceability from farm to table.

1. Meticulous Seed Selection

2. Pristine Soil & Environment

3. Field Crop Monitoring

4. Nutrient Optimising Harvest

5. Quality Control Raw Crop Analysis

6. Nutrient Extraction & Concentration

7. Purity & Potency Verification

8. Socially Responsible Manufacturing

9. Quality Control & Laboratory Analysis

10. Product Delivery & Batch Tracking

Clinically Proven Human Clinical Studies

Human clinical studies proving the effectiveness of NeoLife products have been published in some of the world’s most prestigious scientific journals including the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, the International Journal of Toxicology, the FASEB Journal, and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Human clinical studies are a unique point of pride for NeoLife, in a world where yeast and animal studies remain the predominant choice. NeoLife continues to research and publish studies for breakthrough supplements and organic skin care.

Pharmaceutical Licence for Manufacturing

NeoLife owns and operates state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that surpass the most stringent global GMP standards and manufacturing regulations.

This includes a Drug Licence from the State of California as well as the esteemed Drug Licence from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia, which very few manufacturers in the United States are able to obtain. Although we do not manufacture drugs, we hold these licences and others as validation of our exceptional quality standards.

We are registered with the FDA and operate under their regulation and compliance.

Strategic Partnerships

NeoLife’s reputation for scientific excellence is so well established that our products have been used by researchers from renowned bodies such as the United States Department of Agriculture, UNESCO, and major universities and scientific institutions around the world. NeoLife is a founding member and major contributor to the Plant Phenolics And Human Health Research Interest Group (PhenHRIG) and has been able to partner with the Stanford University Health Library and Linus Pauling Institute. We also partner with the University of San Francisco to award the annual Arthur Furst Undergraduate Scholarship.

NeoLife is also a Member of the Council for Responsible Nutrition.

Through these ongoing programmes, NeoLife is changing the face of health care and disease prevention through nutrition by actively supporting today’s scientists and tomorrow’s doctors.